Election 2012 Winner Announced


Natalia Alamdari, Editor-in-Chief

After a cutthroat campaign season and an even more intense run for votes, President Barack Obama has been reelected.

With Romney taking an early lead, the president’s win fell to major deciding states like Florida and Ohio. After a very close race in Florida, the president took the projected lead, with political analysts throwing the Romney loss on the significant number of votes for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

As the night went on, the president closed in on Romney’s lead, winning the key states of Ohio, California and Wisconsin, the home state of Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan. With the Republican shock of losing Wisconsin, their increased campaigning in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania was meant to cushion such a loss. However, losses in both states left the Romney campaign scrambling for votes. Even with the Republican Texas win, the neck and neck run resulted in an Obama victory in the Electoral College, despite an initial Romney lead in the popular vote. However, as the night went on, Obama took both the Electoral and popular majority.

The Romney campaign took time deciding whether to concede to the president’s win, but according to CNN, regardless of the possible states Romney could have won back, the electoral votes still would not have surpassed the president’s total.

The president will finish out his current term, and must swear in for his second term by noon on Jan. 20. As Jan. 20 falls on a Sunday, the president will be sworn in at a private ceremony on Sunday, with the public ceremony set to be held the following day.