Sunset at Montmajour: new Van Gogh painting discovered


On Sept. 9, silence filled the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. With one swift motion, museum director Axel Ruger and senior researcher Louis van Tilborgh unveiled a newly discovered work of art by the highly renowned Vincent Van Gogh.

“A discovery of this magnitude has never before occurred in the history of the Van Gogh Museum,” Ruger said to the audience of journalists.

This painting, titled “Sunset at Montmajour,” was previously believed to be a fake, but many aspects of the painting have brought its true origin to light. The museum said they finally declared the painting a Van Gogh after “extensive research into style, technique, paint, canvas, the depiction, van Gogh’s letters and the provenance.” It was placed in an attraction of the Van Gogh museum titled “Van Gogh At Work” on Sept. 24.

The museum claims that the picture shows a scene from Arles in southern France, where Van Gogh was working around 1888, two years before he passed away. This is the period the painting is believed to have been painted.

The painting will stay in the Van Gogh museum for years to come.