Jordan’s Top 10

Star of ‘Nerd News’ Rates Currently Running TV Shows

1. Doctor Who – Awarded the title of longest-running sci-fi show in history, Doctor Who brings an exciting experience to every living room with a time traveling alien called “The Doctor” who journeys across all of space and time with many companions. It would be easier for most people to get into the show by starting from season 5 or so rather than trying to start from the beginning due to poor CGI in the early years. In any event, you will not regret sacrificing your stable emotional state of mind for the wonders and excitement hidden in this show around every corner.

2. Adventure Time – This cartoon (set on a post-apocalyptic Earth) relies heavily on the stereotypes of the Middle Ages, with kingdoms, knights and an extreme over-abundance of princesses. At first the show may seem a bit random, but the main reason I enjoy it so much is because of the fact that there is a realistic explanation to nearly everything that happens in the show. If one were to look deep enough, there is an amazing plotline and many lessons to learn, such as the importance of friendship.

3. How I Met Your Mother – The reason How I Met Your Mother took the number three spot on my list is because even on its ninth season, it continues to present an astounding story and a talented cast, all while bringing a few laughs to a hopeless romantic man’s story for his children of how he met their mother.

4. The Big Bang Theory – When you mix quantum physics with comedy and a dash of emotion, you get The Big Bang Theory… well maybe not literally, but I would not be surprised if it worked. Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) has become one of the highest paid actors on television and on his journey that began here in Spring, has become one of the biggest icons in the nerd world. Whether one understands the nerdy jokes hidden in the background or not, they will not regret tuning into this show.

5. Supernatural – If you are still afraid of the dark, Supernatural may not be the show to get into. However, if you enjoy the idea of ghouls, ghosts and monsters, this “phantom fandom” about two monster-hunting brothers may be the one for you.

6. Sherlock – Presenting the classic novels of Sherlock Holmes with modern references, only six episodes in, Sherlock has already acquired a massive worldwide fan base that could only be worthy of a handful of shows like this one.

7. Regular Show – Introducing a series of talking animals that work at a park, Regular Show  is a fun cartoon for the whole family to watch. The show was premiered by Cartoon Network about 5 years ago, but it is still proving that the quirkiness of the network that makes it so popular is still there.

8. The Walking Dead – I am sure many people that have watched The Walking Dead did not originally enjoy the idea of a zombie apocalypse, but the zombies are not the only interesting aspect of the show. The characters and the motives behind their emotions are what has made this show successful for over four seasons.

9. New Girl – Zooey Deschanel has been one of my favorite actresses for years, but her role as Jess in New Girl has possibly been deemed my favorite out of all of them. The chemistry between cast members plays a huge factor in the humor that the show could not possibly prosper without.

10. Modern Family – I believe that the reason this show has become so popular is because it presents an accurate representation of the average modern family. It also has a wide variety of characters, making them easily relatable to the audience, which makes for many laughs for the whole family along the way.