A work of art

Sophomore achieves success through talent, passion

Her hands effortlessly flow across the canvas as she depicts her thoughts on paper. Her passion stems from her grandfather, who was also an artist. Art plays a major role in her life, shaping her as a person. She dedicates hours to her work, until she knows she has created a masterpiece.

Sophomore Rebekah Rodriguez is an artist. For her, this talent came naturally, allowing her to begin her art at an early age.

“I’ve been making artwork since I could walk,” she said. “I think every kid is born an artist. Our ability to make artwork that we are emotionally connected to separates us from other species.”

Rebekah has several accomplishments in art, including receiving a perfect score at state Visual Arts Scholastic Event, receiving a Scholastic Gold Key and being accepted into an AP art class generally reserved for seniors. Rebekah’s mother, Mary Rodriguez, feels proud of her daughter’s accomplishments, often finding herself in awe.

“She makes me so proud, and I can’t help but cry tears of joy,” she said. “My dad was an artist and I didn’t get that talent, but I’m very happy Rebekah did. It’s exciting for me to see her work. Sometimes I see her artwork and think to myself, ‘wow, my kid did that.’ It’s honestly amazing.”

Sophomore Rebekah Rodriguez holds her high-scoring piece for the  Visual Arts Scholastic Event.
Sophomore Rebekah Rodriguez holds her high-scoring piece for the Visual Arts Scholastic Event.

According to Rebekah, her grandfather passed his passion to her early in her life. She feels honored to inherit this talent and realizes the importance of being an artist.

“Art is the greatest inheritance I have from my grandfather,” she said. “An artist’s legacy is the only thing they leave behind when they pass on, and it’s a beautiful thing to be a living testament to his artistic legacy.”

Rodriguez also appreciates this legacy and feels that her has daughter grown and improved over the years. To her, Rebekah does an amazing job maintaining her career, and she looks forward to see what accomplishments the future will bring.

“I think Rebekah really found herself as an artist in the eighth grade,” she said. “I’ve always known she was good. She started coloring in the lines before most kids could. After she started experimenting though, she really realized what she was good at. I’m excited to see where she will go from here.”

Although Rebekah plans to choose an alternate career path, art will always remain a major part of her life. Art brings her satisfaction that no other activity can provide.

“Although I will always be an artist, I don’t plan on reserving a major place for art in my professional future,” she said. “I don’t need a college degree to make my artwork or to know that it is worth something. I will never be able to enjoy art the same way I do now if I have to depend on it to support myself and my family.”

The impact art has had on Rebekah’s life is never ending, and she looks forward to creating art for the rest of her life.

“Art is the only thing that is completely mine,” she said. “It is the only thing I do that is purely out of passion. There are no expectations when it comes to my work. It can never be truly judged by anyone but myself and that’s what makes it important for me.”