Sewing for Success

Junior hopes to turn hobby into career


Rowan Moncur / Legacy Media

Junior Taylor LaDay carefully measures junior Miranda Garcia, ensuring the perfect fit for every piece of clothing.

He slowly feeds the fabric into the machine, working diligently and concentrating on every thread. For months, he threaded through frustration, dissatisfaction and difficulty. With the last stitch, he finishes what has been a four-month project.

For junior Taylor LaDay, sewing runs in the family. Passed down from his father, whom he aims to be like, Taylor uses his skill and spends his days creating his own clothing.

“My dad taught me how to sew because he used to do it too,” Taylor said. “He inspires me most, but I don’t feel a special connection to him because he taught me, I feel a connection with him because we both really like to sew. It gives us a common interest.”

Taylor’s father, Ray LaDay, went to school for fashion and had the chance to work in Paris. He thought it would be neat to teach the skill to his son, and now feels he has a bright future.

“I’ve seen what he has made and I couldn’t be more proud,” Ray LaDay said. “Taylor is very gifted and has an eye for detail.He just started out, but I can already tell that he has initiative, drive, dedication and a future in fashion.”

Of the numerous pieces that Taylor has made, his favorite would have to be his floral print shirt. The project took him four months to finalize.

“That’s not the average time it usually takes me, but I think when I spend a long time making something, the better it turns out,” Taylor said. “I know something will have a better quality if I just take it slow when sewing.”

Besides making clothes for himself, Taylor also creates for ­his family and his girlfriend, junior Miranda Garcia, who received a heartfelt gift from him on Valentine’s Day.

“He’s made me two dresses, but my favorite one is the yellow ladybug dress,” Miranda said. “Taylor is so talented and great at what he does. As for his future in fashion, I believe he can go as far as he wants to go.”

In the future, Taylor is considering going to school to study fashion and possibly pursuing careers in the industry.

“For now, it’s a hobby, but I can see it as a career,” Taylor said. “It would be really great if I could start my own brand, especially if people loved my clothing enough to go out and actually buy it.”