Teams make adjustments to new coaching methods


Leighton Schwille & Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

Coach Gegogeine, Coach Schnettler & Coach Brian work hard to motivate their team and prepare them for the season.

The cross country team first heard that they would be losing their coach during a study hall in his classroom in May 2012. While the cross country team has had time to adjust to a new coach, the swim and soccer teams have to spend this year getting used to new methods and teachings.

The swim team learned that their coach would not be coming back this school year. Sophomore Catherine Keimig said it has been a challenge to adjust to a new coach because she misses the old coaching methods.

“It is difficult because all coaches have different coaching styles,” Keimig said. “I miss that Coach Jones was a swimmer because it helped him to be more understanding with us.”

The soccer team was not aware that their coach would not return to school this year. Senior Jose Medina got an e-mail before school started saying that he had a new coach.

“He does not tell as many jokes and is much more serious than Coach Toshner,” Medina said. “I like that he is nice and is not as hard on us.”

For the cross country team, things are looking up. Coach Gegogeine, the current head cross country coach at the school, said that the team has adapted to new coaching styles.

“It took a while for everyone to acclimate, but I think that we’re really coming together as a team now. Coming into any situation, preparation and understanding each other are big factors in making adjustments.”

Senior Natalie Shroeder, a member of the cross country team, is accustomed to Coach Gegogeine’s workout schedule and likes that it is more structured.

“We know what we are going to run every day,” Shroeder said. “The harder we work, the further we move up in our training.”