Xbox Infinity – Reviving Home Gaming


Jordan Harley, Staff Writer

Deep in the city of Redmond, Washington, Microsoft is preparing to show the gaming community what they have all been waiting for. On May 21, just weeks before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the new Xbox will be revealed.

PlayStation 4 seems to have some impressive competition so far. The name of the new console, although yet to be confirmed, is most likely one of three: Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, and Xbox Fusion, with Xbox Infinity seeming to be the most popular rumor on the Internet.

Microsoft has already revealed some aspects of the new console. For instance, as of now, the graphics card for the system now matches what Sony plans to use in the PlayStation 4. This is sure to boost sales as most Sony fans chose the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360 because of the better graphics. Another aspect is that the new Xbox will have Blu-Ray, and most likely 3D capabilities. It seems as if Microsoft is trying to match up to the PlayStation, with a few added bonuses.

One of those bonuses the Xbox 360 already has is the Kinect. With the Kinect 2 debuting at the same time as the new Xbox, and being sold along with each new Xbox, one can see how hard Microsoft is working to please customers. One big difference between the Kinect and Kinect 2 is that Kinect 2 will be able to sense up to four players at a time, providing physical fun for the whole family. The new Kinect is also said to be able to sense every body movement you make, down to the blink of an eye, but then again, the same was said about the first Kinect.

The company seemed to notice millions taking advantage of the movie-streaming capabilities of the Xbox 360, and is now also releasing an unnamed rival to Apple TV, sold separately from the next generation Xbox, used solely for movie and television streaming, although the new Xbox is sure to include these features as well. Microsoft has also announced that the next generation Xbox will be on the market in early November, which is around the same time the PlayStation 4 is set to release, which means World War III between Sony and Microsoft is set to take place over the holidays.

The console will cost around $500 with a cheaper alternative console for around $300, while Sony has only announced the new PlayStation will not cost more than the PlayStation 3 did when it was first released. However, this could mean up to a $500 difference between prices, which is sure to hurt the PlayStation 4’s sales.

With PC gaming becoming more popular and the lack of innovation that came with the Wii U and the PlayStation 4’s worldwide presentation, the new Xbox will certainly have to live up to its expectations to be able to restore humanity’s faith in the world of family home video games.