Reunited and It Feels So Good: Counselor and Cat Brought Together Again


Photo provided by M'Lee Brooks

Gray Kitty, after being returned home. Although Brooks does not know if Gray Kitty remembers her, she is still happy to have him home.

Michele Higgins, Section Editor

After posting signs, looking on websites, and keeping an eye out in the neighborhood, counselor M’Lee Brooks gave up hope of finding the sweet, once-stray cat she had begun to affectionately call her own Gray Kitty. However, eight years after Gray Kitty went missing, the BARC animal shelter reunited Brooks with her cat.

Brooks said that she still does not know how Gray Kitty made it as far as BARC animal station, which is stationed in downtown Houston.

“We had him chipped in College Station and they found the place where we had him chipped and tracked us down,” Brooks said. “They said his previous owner had died and someone had turned him in at the shelter because nobody could care for him. I don’t know how long he had the new owner.”

Gray Kitty went missing while playing outside with Brooks’ other cat, Autumn.

“He was one our favorite cats,” Brooks said. “He was real sweet and he had made friends with our other cat, Autumn. They were just really good friends. When he disappeared one day, she was there and he wasn’t. We never knew what happened so we looked for him and we put up signs, but we gave give up after a few years.”

After giving up hope of finding Gray Kitty, Brooks said she had wished that the cat found a new home or ended up in a shelter. According to Brooks, the phone call reuniting her with her cat came as a shock. Since being reunited, Brooks said Gray Kitty happily resides in his former home.

“We got a call about three weeks ago from BARC animal shelter and they said that they had found him,” Brooks said. “We couldn’t wait to see him because he’s eight years older than he was then. It was exciting and fun to see. When we first got him back I just petted on him and hugged him and loved him.”