Junior Wins Variety Show


Cristal Gomez/Legacy Media

Students perform at the 2013 Variety Show, junior Jacob Ray wins first place and a scholarship from the Paige Parks Agency

Sanah Jivani, Staff Writer

Junior Jacob Ray nervously stands on stage with the other contestants. This is the moment they have all been waiting for. The first place winner for the variety show is about to be announced. Ray recalls all of the time he has spent rehearsing and hopes for the best. As he hears his name, he is completely shocked. The crowd begins to applaud, and he is overcome with joy.

Last Friday, Ray won first place in the 2013 variety show, winning $1,000 along with a scholarship from the Paige Parks Corporation.

“I did not expect to be in this position at all,” Ray said. “It felt so great to hear my name called and I am so thankful. I had a lot of friends supporting me, and because of that, I wasn’t nervous. I was just able to get on stage and do what I love.”

Ray sang the “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran, winning the hearts of the judges and the audience. Variety show judge and talent agent Paige Parks said she was careful chosing the scholarship recipient, looking for someone with talent beyond their years.

“Being a talent agent, I’m always going to different talent shows looking for new talent,” Parks said. “I saw talent in each of them, so it was really hard to pick one. I looked for someone who truly stood out to me.”

As for Ray, the experience was a special one, and he hopes to continue his career as a musician.

“This is my passion,” Ray said. “I would love a future in music and I am so excited about the scholarship music. I can’t wait to see where I go from here.”