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Drumline Raises Spirit, Forges Friendships

Nick Castillo, Legacy Media

The scoreboard clock ticks away the remaining seconds in the third quarter as the packed student section vibrates with energy. The steady beat of a cadence begins to play, the crowd erupts with joy. Drumline has arrived.

Playing at varsity football games since the school opened, drumline serves as both the underlying beat of the band and the spirit of the crowd. According to junior Natalie Schroeder, the drumline performances at games are what energize the crowd most.

“The music lifts everyone’s spirits up,” Schroeder said. “I like dancing with them and just having fun with everyone around me cheering. The football is really fun, but when drumline comes, everything’s different.”

Drumline director Lauretta Noller said she thinks the popularity of drumline originates in the primal basis of the instrument.

“The drums were the first instrument created and exist in every culture,” Noller said. “I think it’s a part of human nature to be drawn to drums. Drumline is a mobile group that embodies energy, drive and fun, which is what we strive to bring to the student body when we perform.”

In order to pump up the crowd as it does, drumline puts in its fair share of practice. Beginning with “Padcamp” auditions in the spring, members practice throughout summer, continuing through the school year in the mornings and afternoons. According to freshman Hope Burkhalter, constantly being in drumline gave her a place to go to for high school advice.

“They’ll help you with anything you need,” Burkhalter said. “Before games, we’ll get all our stuff ready and put it on the equipment truck, and then we’ll come together and talk about the game and pray for a good show.”

Aside from having numerous friends in drumline, junior Katherine Facemire said her favorite part of being a member comes at games in front of the student section.

“It feels really cool to have a bunch of people cheering when you start playing,” Facemire said. “People come up to me in the halls saying ‘drumline is my favorite part of games’ and ‘why are you guys so far away, when you guys are in front of the student section is my favorite part of games’.”

While the drumline offers entertainment for students, according to Noller, it provides a unique creative outlet for members.

“Drumline is a place for students who thrive on challenge, as our continual challenge is to achieve unattainable perfection,” Noller said. “It’s the competitive, athletic side of percussion. It is a lifelong passion for the art and meticulous craft of percussion.”

Like an athlete committing to games and practices, Facemire said she treats drumline as if it were a sport.

“When you’re in a sport you’re committed to it, so I’m always with my friends in drum line, they’re my main people in school and I’m always at marching band practice,” Facemire said. “I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t in drumline.”


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