Tigers Got Talent Promises Thrills


Student Council is bringing back the Variety Show May 10 after last year’s success. This year, Student Council, with the help of Collins Crew and the cheerleaders, is hoping to put on an even bigger show with its new theme “Tigers Got Talent.”

“I think this year is going to be better because we’re planning way in advance,” senior StuCo member Hannah Bourg said. “We are a lot more organized this year. I think we’re going to get some cool acts for fillers and the tryout process is going to be a lot better.”

Sophomore Julia Lopez is looking forward to being a   part of this year’s show and showing off her talents.

“The feeling of being on stage and performing in front of a big audience is scary and thrilling at the same time,” Lopez said. “Doing something I love in front of everyone is amazing and the feeling I get when the audience applauds, is priceless.”

Student Council members hope they have found acts that will blow their audience away and keep them entertained.

“We want someone who will command the stage a bit, someone who is not really frightened by it all,” Collins Crew sponsor Amber Wallace said. “We want actual talent and originality, something unique and different.”

The Variety Show is expected to have double the acts it had last year with many more surprises to come. The Variety show will take place this Friday, May 10. Tickets are on sale now at all three lunches for $10.