Swift success

A look at the achievements of “1989”

Having released her album “1989” in October of 2014, Taylor Swift seems to have hit a turning point in her career—and a positive one at that. Now that her fans have gotten over the initial shock her genre change, it is now foreseeable that her past will be nothing like her future, music wise.

Swift seems to be at her peak—having won multiple awards for the album as well as maintaining a top ten spot on the charts for her singles, “Blank space” and “Shake it off.” Releasing her album only nine weeks before the end of 2014, Swift ran the risk of not getting any awards for “1989.” Despite this barrier, Swift somehow managed to earn “Top Selling Album of 2014”, beating out the Frozen Soundtrack with 3.66 million copies sold. On top of this award, Swift has been no. 1 on the “Artist 100 chart” for 10 weeks running and is still going strong. Swift has also won three “People’s Choice Awards” for her music, which are “Favorite Female Artist”, “Favorite Pop Artist” and “Favorite Song” which was “Shake it off.”

With so many awards won in such a short amount of time, it seems that Swift’s success will only grow with the new year. Fans are raving for new music and anxiously awaiting, tickets in hand, for her tour. With so much to look forward to, Swift has her fans wrapped around her finger, assuring her even more success in the future. The lights for her future are bright, but they never blind her.