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Local Restaurants Trending Among Students

Olivia Borg, Legacy Media

Three high school students sit over bowls of frozen yogurt filled with toppings talking and laughing about their day at school. Sitting on the comfortable couches and listening to the light music, the students look around and agree this will be the perfect place to hang out. Places like Tutti Frutti, Bullritos and Frost Bake Shope have become food trends amongst teenagers.

“A bunch of friends get together and just try a new place,” senior Hunter Horne said, “People eat there and they like the food and the environment so they decide to come back to that place and tell their friends.”

Teens can agree that food trends can be based on the environment of a place.

“These places are usually really chill,” sophomore Jenny Barra said. “You just go in there and get whatever you want. The food is really good and it’s just a nice hangout place for teenagers.”

Shelly Mayen, a baker at Frost Bake Shope, agrees that the environment they create can play a big factor in the people they attract.

“I see teenagers come in and hang out all the time,” Mayen said. “We play different kinds of music throughout the day. We have these silver square tables that gives the whole place a vintage kind of look but at the same time it’s really colorful. We just try to make it a fun place to hang out.”

Hanging out over food has become really popular according to Barra.

“People have nothing else to do with their free time except eat somewhere or watch a movie,” Barra said. “The movies are a fun place to hang out but I can’t really talk there. If I want to talk to someone then I usually go eat somewhere and that is why I think these places are really popular. I can just get frozen yogurt or a cupcake and just chill.”

According to the president of Menchie’s, self-service can provide both healthy and sugary options for all ages. Freshman Brittany Kearley enjoys the freedom self-service brings.

“What I like about the places that have gotten popular is that there’s a lot of freedom,” Kearley said. “I don’t feel like the workers are watching me. I pick my own toppings and can just do what I want.”

According to a study done by Food Service Warehouse, restaurants that use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to advertise better appeal to a teen audience. Barra also agrees that social networks can have a big affect.

“Social networking definitely plays a big role in the making of food trends.” Barra said. “You just see pictures of food all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it makes you want to try it. Pictures of food always get so many likes.”

Places that fall into food trends will continue to use advertising towards teens to gain popularity and create an environment attractive to teens.

“I’ve seen just about everything get popular,” Kearley said, “Cupcakeries, burger places, pho, frozen yogurt. People just look for places that are fun to hang out. The food is always really good too.”

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