Erica’s Style Files: Attack of the UGG Boots


Erica Worzel, Staff Writer

At the first forecast of weather with temperatures below 60 degrees, it is inevitable that one thing will come out of hibernation: The UGG Boots. First introduced by surfers returning from Australia in the 1970’s, UGGs did not become a trend in the U.S. until the early 2000’s when celebrities like Cameron Diaz and the Olsen Twins began wearing the sheep skin boots. The boots are named UGGs because of the exact reason you are thinking of: they are UGLY. Yet, every year girls dig them up from the back of their closets.

I will be the first to admit that I gave into the trend and bought a pair of brown UGG boots last year. When I wore them, I felt like the fashion gods were going to strike me dead, but they were so comfortable that I did not want to take them off. They kept my feet warm in the “freezing” Texas weather. I could do just about any dance move in them because of the smooth soles and I felt like I was wearing Teddy Bears on my feet. Who would not want that? I can see why so many celebrities wear them on movie sets or to the grocery store, their feet probably need a break from the stilettos they wear.

UGGs have been called the worst fashion trend of the last decade and I have to agree. When our children dress up for 2000’s day, they will most likely dawn “blinged out” Ed Hardy shirts and UGG boots, but every decade has its horrible fashion trend. In my opinion we should embrace UGG boots, but remember to not wear them some place we might be publically seen, because that would be humiliating. Instead of wearing UGGs this year, I vow to wear cute yet comfortable alternatives. According to, the stocks for UGG Australia have been down in recent weeks but the company’s new campaign featuring their new spokesmodel, Tom Brady (random, I know), is bound to attract attention, negative or positive I am not sure. There is no denying it though, UGGs are a trend that is here to stay.