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Erica’s Style Files – Prom Savings Tips


Prom is approaching and for many seniors, panic is beginning to set in. Frantic seniors are scurrying to throw together a group, attire and after prom activities. I was lucky enough to land myself in a group that is on top of things when it comes to planning, but for some of my friends the promenade hullaballoo can seem a little daunting and plain frustrating. If you are lost in the vortex, here are some great tips and tricks to that will make your prom experience one to remember.

Rent your prom dress

In prom past, guys have always had it easy because they are able to rent their tuxedo or suit. Now girls have the opportunity to do the same. Websites like and give girls the opportunity to rent high-end designer gowns at up to 90 percent off retail price.

Many resale shops have great prom dress option as well as websites like eBay.

I bought my prom dress for more than 60 percent off the retail price because it was a dress from the previous season.

Al’s Formal Wear

Al’s Formal Wear is running a prom special in which guys can earn a free tuxedo. All you have to do is sign up as an Al’s prom representative and recruit five friends to use Al’s services.

Hair and Makeup

Instead of going to an expensive salon to have your hair and makeup done, consider going to a cosmetology school and ask if any students would like to practice skills on your hair. Department store makeup counters are always willing to touch up your makeup, especially on prom night.


It is important when shopping around for transportation  to compare prices because during prom season, rental prices mysteriously rise. A way to avoid being swindled is to ask questions. Ask to receive a contract from whatever transportation company you use to avoid any confusion about policies. Ask about cancellation policies and the capacity of the vehicle.


When choosing a restaurant to dine at before prom  keep in mind that many restaurants require a minimum amount paid for a party depending on the size. This is an important detail to ask about when making reservation. Also, making a reservation early is key. It is best to make a dining reservation at least three weeks before the night of prom.

Something to remember

All of the planning leading up to the night of prom and even after may seem stressful but, remember to keep in mind that the experience of prom is supposed to be fun. Do not focus on keeping up with the latest prom fads because the only thing that will be memorable is the fun experience you shared with your friends. Many of us only get to experience prom once so embrace every moment and do not sweat the details.

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