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Online Shopping Alternative to Crowded Stores

Now is that special time of year when Starbucks brings out pumpkin spice Lattes, Oprah reveals her favorite things and shopping malls fill with frenzied shoppers. To avoid the holiday shopping crush, I shop online, but for some inexperienced cyber shoppers, scrolling through pages of products can be a daunting task. Follow these rules and you will become a savvy and safe online shopper just like me.

1. Only use sites that do not seem sketchy

If a website does not seem legitimate, it probably is not. I only use websites of name brand stores or sites like Do not be fooled by websites claiming to have Christian Louboutin’s and Coach bags at sale prices. You will receive “Kristen Louboutin’s” in the mail, if you know what I mean.

2. Don’t go crazy

It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for items online and it is easy to want to buy everything because it is all in front of you. I suggest making a budget and then adding desired items to your shopping cart on what ever website you use. Then, review your items and delete the ones you do not really need until your budget is met.

3. Use PayPal whenever possible

Paypal is an easy and secure way to shop online. Paypal accounts keep your credit card information secure and make it really fast and easy to order items.

4. Order Confirmations are your friends

Whenever you order from a website make sure you receive an order confirmation email. Confirmations give you shipping and order information incase there is a problem with your order or you are just wondering when your package will arrive at your doorstep.

5. Use your email address wisely

Websites tend to send promotional emails along with ordering items and that can get annoying. Have a separate email for online orders to avoid the barrage of spam mail.

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