Perfection Found in Pitch Perfect

Michele Higgins, Section Editor

Two a cappella groups, the all-female Barden Bellas and all-male Treblemakers, face off to make their way to the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella in “Pitch Perfect.” With its perfect combination of amazing characters and awesome music, “Pitch Perfect” quickly slipped its way into my list of favorite movies.

Fat Amy, Benji, Jesse, Beca, the list of my favorite characters in this movie never ends. Fat Amy lightens every scene with her underhand remarks that leave the audience laughing long after the punch line. Benji’s desire to be a part of the Treblemakers pulled me into the movie immediately rooting for him. Beca and Jesse’s romance had my heart breaking through every fight and every cute moment. Every actor fits into the movie so perfectly, their performances alone would make this movie amazing.

When pairing the wonderful actors with the remarkable music, this movie sails into success. In the amazing Riff Off each a cappella group steals the spotlight by interjecting into the other group song with a new song of their own. The Riff Off resulted in an amazing mash-up of nine songs as well as a thoroughly enjoyable scene. My favorite song has to be the Treblemaker’s mash-up of Bright Lights Bigger City and Magic in the final competition. This song made me overjoyed simply because it was performed, choreographed and stitched together so well. Every time I re-watch the movie I jump out of my seat when it comes time for the boys to sing this song.

I must have watched this movie at least six times and  I regret none of them. This movie never fails to put me in a good mood and I recommend anyone who has not seen it to run to the store and buy it.