Lopez Travels Again for World Competition

Michele Higgins, Section Editor

After coming home from Brazil with a bronze medal for duet artistic roller-skating last year, junior Paula Lopez will travel across the world yet again to compete in the World Championships in New Zealand on Sept. 27.

Two weeks before the national competition Lopez’s partner quit, leaving Lopez to prepare a new solo routine for the competition. Despite this obstacle, Lopez placed first in nationals and advanced to worlds.

“It was a lot easier to prepare for the solo competition because I didn’t have to worry about another person,” Lopez said.  “It was like a weight lifted off. I didn’t have to think about my partner so I just focused more on myself. The extra practice time definitely helped me prepare.”

Although Lopez enjoyed the more personal practices, she said she does miss certain aspects of couples skating.

“The couples skating was more fun just because I had another person,” Lopez said.  “I could do cooler tricks, but I really like the solo.”

While this is not the first year Lopez is going to Worlds, it is her first year competing  in the Junior World Class  Solo competition.

“I’m really nervous for Worlds in New Zealand because it will be the first time competing by myself, but I’m more excited than nervous,” Lopez said. “The other girls who are competing have been doing solos for a lot of years and forgetting a routine is something I always worry about, but I don’t think I will. Hopefully I will place in the top ten.”